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Does New Hampshire Right to Life Think Low Income Women Should Get Birth Control From Hospitals?

Robin Marty

The anti-choice group is demanding to know why a federal grant for family planning went to Planned Parenthood, rather than...hospitals?

New Hampshire’s leading anti-choice group is suing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, demanding communication regarding a $1 million family planning grant given to local Planned Parenthoods.

But their reasoning for being angry about the funding is a little…well, odd.


Right to Life wants a federal judge to order the department to produce records related to the grant. The lawsuit also accuses the department of withholding communications it had with Planned Parenthood in violation of the Freedom of Information Act and questions whether the department violated any laws or regulations by awarding a grant to Planned Parenthood without putting the funds out to be bid.

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“With the recent cuts in subsidies to hospitals, the full service hospitals located in each of the communities where Planned Parenthood operates an abortion clinic would be better able to provide a variety of health care services to people in need,’’ the lawsuit states.

Yes, because I can think of no better idea than asking low income residents to come to a hospital in order to get free or subsidized birth control and STI screenings.  It’s not like hospitals are busy with anything else at the moment.

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