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Will South Dakota Have More Abortion Fights In 2012?

Robin Marty

The state already has numerous abortion restrictions being defending in court.  Will next year's legislative session add even more?

The state of South Dakota already has so many anti-choice laws being challenged in the courts that they have had to designate extra money in the budget to keep defending them.  So does that mean they might take a pass on proposing more in 2012?

Not a chance.

Via the Rapid City Journal:

Perhaps the most controversial recurring issue of all in the South Dakota Legislature is abortion. Several of the Black Hills Republicans said they hope the Legislature doesn’t debate any abortion bills this year.

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“I think we need to sit back and watch and see what happens with what we’ve got now, how it gets through the courts,” said Kopp.

But lawmakers expect abortion to once again be on the agenda.

“There’s 105 legislators,” said Russell. “One hundred and four could agree not to bring something forward, and it would still come forward and still have a public hearing. I believe we will see (abortion) legislation this year.”

One can only image what could top a 72 hour waiting period and mandatory counseling session with a religiously-affiliated pregnancy center.  Is a spousal/impregnator consent bill in the wings?

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