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Nevada Petition to Ban Abortion Will Be Decided On This Week

Robin Marty

Nevada's attempt at defining a fertilized egg as a "prenatal person" seems likely never to make it past petition stage.

Nevada is attempting its own “personhood” amendment, testing out the term “prenatal person.” But however you dress it up, it’s still a full-fledged ban on abortion and a partial ban on contraception. This week, a judge will decide if it gets to enter the petition stage.

Via The Las Vegas Sun:

A district judge says he will rule by the end of the week on the legality of an initiative petition seeking to ban abortions in Nevada.

District Judge James Wilson heard nearly two hours of arguments Tuesday whether supporters of the petition can go forward to gather signatures.

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Wilson appeared to side with opponents of the petition whose lawyer argued the initiative was invalid because it did not adequately inform the voters of effects.

Wilson said there must be sufficient information to tell the public what the petition is about. “It requires descriptions of the effects,” he said.

“Descriptions of the effects” are definitely lacking.  The text of the petition reads “The intentional taking of a prenatal person’s life shall never been allowed in this state. For the purpose of this section only, the term ‘prenatal person’ includes every human being at all stages of biological development before birth.”

The petition is being pushed by Nevada Pro Life, and is being opposed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

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