“There’s Something Almost Magical About a Heartbeat”

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“There’s Something Almost Magical About a Heartbeat”

Robin Marty

The Ohio "heartbeat" abortion ban has its first senate hearing.

The Ohio bill that would outlaw abortion from the point in which a heartbeat could be detected — or approximately four weeks after conception — had its first senate hearing this week. Although no opposing testimony has yet to be scheduled, the supporters of the bill had plenty of time to have their say.

Via Boston.com:

State Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, the bill’s sponsor, told the Ohio Senate’s health committee that doctors and nurses closely monitor patients’ heartbeats and emergency responders check for pulses.

“Why, then, should we ignore this critical indicator of life when it comes to the very young?” asked Wachtmann, R-Napoleon, as testimony began on the bill.

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Jack Willke, who founded Ohio Right to Life and the International Right to Life Federation, also told the committee members he believed the bill had a shot at overturning Roe v. Wade.

“This has scared the wits out of pro-abortion organizers,” he said. “There is something almost magical about a heartbeat.”

“Magic” is maybe the most appropriate word the supporters could use.  Many seem to believe that banning abortion will “magically” force women to simply carry pregnancies to term, “magically” care for the babies born into families with no money, jobs or homes to protect them, and “magically” heal victims of rape who were impregnated during the attack, or mothers who’s lives are in danger if they continue with their pregnancies.

Somehow, take away a woman’s choice, and it will all “magically” work out in the end.