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Ohio “Heartbeat” Bill Stalemate May Be Over

Robin Marty

Senate Republicans appear ready to consider voting on the controversial measure to ban abortion once a heart beat can be detected.

Despite the back and forth between Ohio anti-choice factions, as well as the stalling tactics of the state senate, reports are coming out that the senate Republicans may finally be ready to vote on the “heartbeat” abortion bill that would ban the procedure once a heart beat can be detected — in some cases before women may even know they are pregnant.

Heart beat bill backers declare that it was their constant pressure that has made the vote possible, while bill opponents worry that yet another unconstitutional law will be going on the books.

Via Newsmax:

Linda Theis, spokeswoman for Ohio Pro Life Action, welcomed the news the bill would soon be headed for a committee, and said she thinks her group’s campaign made an impact.
Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, said Republicans are essentially making abortions illegal and trying to return Ohio to the past.
“It’s not going to end abortions, it’s going to make them illegal and dangerous,” she said. “Where does he [Senate President Tom Niehaus] think women are going to go?”

If the law is passed and signed by the Republican, anti-choice governor, the state would essentially outlaw abortion as early as 28 days post-conception.

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