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Anti-Choice Protestors Hand Out “Fetuses” To 12 Year Olds

Robin Marty

At least they left their large, graphic "abortion" posters at home.

When it comes to discussing sex or contraception, anti-choice activists say that it is unacceptable to talk to a child in school without explicit parental permission.  But when it comes to handing out two inch long plastic fetuses to preteens, that’s perfectly acceptable.

The New Zealand Herald reports:

A Hastings family have gone to the police after their 12-year-old daughter was given a rubber foetus and anti-abortion pamphlets by protesters while walking home in her intermediate school uniform.

Jane Hannam, 12, was walking home from Heretaunga Intermediate with a friend last Thursday when they were approached by a female protester outside Hawke’s Bay Hospital and given a rubber foetus and information card about foetal development.

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Her parents, Brian and Zarlene Hannam, said it was disgusting that protesters would target young school-aged children and made a complaint to Hastings police.

“We just found her playing with this toy foetus,” Mrs Hannam said. “It was sort of like a really soft spongy flesh-coloured foetus. I just think that’s disgusting.

One protester claims that although they aren’t trying to target the children, per se, it’s not that big of a deal since “they can access that stuff on the computer and most of them know it anyway.”

Too bad they don’t apply the same rules to comprehensive, age appropriate sex education.

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