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Ohio “Heartbeat” Bill May Be Off Until Next Year

Robin Marty

The senate leader says it's "too soon" to say if they will hear it or not.

In what is starting to look very much like death by over-analysis, the senate president of Ohio is now saying that the proposed ban on abortion after the point in which a heartbeat can be discerned still requires more legal insight and may not be brought up for a vote this year.

Via the Republic:

The Republican leader of the Ohio Senate says it is too soon to say whether his chamber would vote before the end of the year on a bill that would ban abortions in the state after the first detectable heartbeat….Niehaus has said that he wants the research group to report back in November after vetting any legal issues. The measure passed the Ohio House in June.

Sounds quite a bit like Niehaus is stalling.  I wonder if Ohio’s anti-choice community feels the same way.

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