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Radiance Foundation Continues Pressure on Rape Victims to Carry Their Attacker’s Baby

Robin Marty

As the anti-choice movement continues to try and push for more restrictions, it becomes even clearer that with them, being a victim of rape is no longer a valid reason to have an abortion.

Publicly, the Radiance Foundation is best known for its racist billboard campaigns, especially targeting African-American women. But when talking to their own, the founder of the group is more likely to discuss his own personal push to cut off rape victims’ access to abortion.

Via New American:

[Founder Ryan] Bomberger urged Americans to reconsider aborting a child who is the product of a rape. “Although you may be in this immediate moment of pain and chaos, there is another side of the story,” he stressed. “There’s something beautiful that can rise from the ashes of such a violent act.”

He discussed his happy life in his loving, multiracial adoptive family, with nine other siblings who were also adopted, and his profound gratitude for that life: “I keep thinking about this myth that is put out there by Planned Parenthood — the reason why they profit in the millions — because they destroy beautiful possibilities every single day. Even in cases of rape and incest, choosing life not only blesses the child but many others through the lives they can go on to live.”

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I wonder if a new billboard campaign is in the making…

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