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“Satan” Wins In Mississippi

Robin Marty

As the so-called "Personhood" amendment goes down in defeat once more, anti-choice activists say the devil did it.

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No, it’s not a Dana Carvey/Church Lady parody, although it might as well be.  RightwingWatch provides a roundup of anti-choice finger-pointing when it comes to the defeat of the constitutional amendment that would have granted legal rights to fertilized eggs.

Among the culprits are the media, Planned Parenthood, and, of course, Satan:

The kingdom of Satan is united, which is why, for this season, it’s successful. Eventually the church will be united. At the end of the age we will be a powerful, praying church that stands for the only definition of justice that exists: the Jesus one. But right now we’re not there. I don’t want to be cynical. I know many wonderful praying people of all denominations who stand for LIFE and the word of God. We are advancing, but tonight, once again, we have let the kingdom of darkness advance ahead of us.

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Man, that is one powerful and popular little devil.

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