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Ohio Governor Signs Bill Restricting Abortion Access for Minors

Robin Marty

Governor John Kasich signed a new bill that will make getting an abortion even more difficult for teens.

Ohio may have had a lot of victories last night in overturning anti-union bills, but the state that was becoming one of the most unfriendly to workers is still one of the most unfriendly to women and teens looking for help terminating a pregnancy.

Late last week, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed yet another anti-choice bill into law, this time restricting a teen’s ability to get an abortion with a judicial bypass (an option for those who do not inform their parents). Judges now have new questions to ask and need to check to see if a teen was “coached” on her answers. And, the teen can only go to a judge in her home district. Considering how far a girl would then need to travel to have the procedure done, as well as the waiting period involved, the new restrictions will make them wait even longer to get an abortion if approved.

And the anti-abortion groups in Ohio think that’s just great.

Via The New American:

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“Ohio is witnessing the blessings of having the most pro-life governor and General Assembly in our state’s history working together to save lives,” said Ohio Right to Life executive director, Mike Gonidakis.

Also to be determined by the judge?  Whether a teen is emotionally mature enough to handle an abortion.  Not to be determined by the judge?  Whether she is emotionally mature enough to have to continue a pregnancy she doesn’t want.

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