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Governor Of Guam Endorses Parental Consent Bill

Robin Marty

Anti-abortion legislation heads for the U.S. territories.

The territory of Guam is looking to create some of its own anti-choice laws, focusing currently on a bill that would force teens to get parental permission before obtaining an abortion.

The bill is currently being endorsed by Governor Eddie Calvo.

Via Pacific News:

First, God bless the author of Bill No. 323, Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr., for defending the lives of the unborn. Few others have entered these halls with the same courage and conviction as he to be a voice for the voiceless, a crusader for life.

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Needless to state, but for the record, I support Bill No. 323. I support the requirement of parental consent if a pregnant minor seeks an abortion. Obviously, I am opposed to the double standard in our justice system that says, basically, all life is precious except the lives of babies in the womb. Roe v. Wade is wrong. It is inhumane. Since 1973, it has allowed and sometimes celebrated the legal infanticide of millions of innocent children. When I say ‘legal,’ I mean by man’s law; for there is no moral authority that justifies abortion.

The governor also condemned the senate for blocking other abortion restrictions put to vote this year, even after he had declared 2011 “The Year of the Unborn Child.”

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