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Alveda King: Civil Rights Apply to Fertilized Eggs, Not to Income Inequity

Robin Marty

King has taken a brief break from her anti-choice crusade to argue that Occupy Wall Street is not a part of the civil rights movement.

Anti-choice activist Alveda King has long been using her family name and relationship to the great civil rights activist, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to bolster her own anti-abortion activities.  Now, she’s taken her self-declared reputation as arbiter of what is and isn’t part of the civil rights movement a step further and chastised the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s support of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Via Politico:

Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece says the Rev. Jesse Jackson should stop comparing the Occupy Wall Street protests to the civil rights movement, arguing that her uncle would not have condoned the movement.

“I believe that Rev. Jackson is doing a disservice,” Alveda King said on Fox News Monday morning. “My uncle, the whole [civil rights] movement, was founded in prayer, in crying out to God in a peaceful movement. And this [Occupy] movement is not peaceful.”

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King, the director of Priests for Life African American Outreach, said she believes ACORN — which was fined earlier this year for organizing an illegal voter-registration program — to be “somewhere in the mix” with the Occupy movement and that her uncle “certainly could not have condoned voter fraud.”

So, just so we are clear: fighting against income inequity and the growing poverty level, which disproportionately effects minorities—not civil rights.  Groups that help the poor and people of color register to vote—not civil rights.  Forcing women to continue pregnancies against their will?  Now that’s civil rights.

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