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North Dakota Medicated-Abortion Hearing On Hold Until 2012

Robin Marty

Once more the hearing is being moved down the calendar.

The North Dakota hearing regarding outlawing abortion-inducing drugs to provide medicated abortions in the state has been once more put on hold, this time with a judge saying it will not be heard until next year.

Although the state is claiming the restriction is simply a common sense way to ensure that all drugs are used according to FDA regulations, which would require them only being taken in the presence of a doctor, reproductive health activists counter that the true goal is to make abortions more expensive, and thus harder to get.

Via WDAY, Fargo:

Tammi Kromenaker – Red River Women’s Clinic: “It would triple the price, it would require women to return to the clinic for a second visit to take medications and we believe that women are perfectly capable of taking medications in their own homes.”

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This is the second time the hearing has been put on hold.

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