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$4500 Already Pledged To Deceptive North Carolina Crisis Pregnancy Centers Via License Plate Sales

Robin Marty

Each anti-choice license plate ordered will be a $15 donation to centers that deceive women about pregnancy and abortion.

So-called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” in North Carolina will start to receive funding from anti-choice license plates being sold in the state.  According to UPI, there have already been 300 plates pre-ordered, and $15 from each plate will go to supporting anti-abortion centers.

So, what do these centers do to “help” women?  Why, tell them how to get to Heaven, of course!

Via a NARAL Pro-Choice investigation:

NARAL’s report said one Jewish researcher who posed as a pregnant woman was told at five centers she wouldn’t go to heaven unless she converted to Christianity. One volunteer challenged the woman to become a “born-again virgin.”

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“We have no objection to a center that offers women who have decided to carry a pregnancy to term any help they like,” Pope said. “But lines are crossed when the center is not up-front about its limited services or uses misinformation or intimidation or coercion.”

Read NARAL’s full investigative report here.

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