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Mississippi Moms Explain Why They Will Vote No On State’s “Egg-as-Person” Ballot Initiative

Robin Marty

It's time for government to say it trusts families enough to let them make their own choices.

The so-called personhood amendment in Mississippi, which would give a fertilized egg more rights than the woman in whose body it floats, is likely to be the most watched ballot amendment race in the country.  Now Mississippi moms are speaking out in a new video about the effects of passing the initiative.

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GOP Hopes If They Stop Talking about It, the Whole Controversy Will Go Away

Robin Marty

Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies...

How badly are the Republicans handling the crisis over the exposure of their party’s anti-women views? The whole party is agreeing to just stop talking and hope it blows over.

The Republican National Committee is now saying that they never specifically said there would be no exceptions to the party platform plank that would support granting legal rights to fertilized eggs — rights that would in the end eliminate abortion, some forms of birth control and potentially some fertility treatments as well.  No, it’s just a platitude-, not an actual game-plan for giving fertilized eggs rights over all women.

[T]he party insists that its strict opposition to abortion doesn’t necessarily mean it objects to rape and incest exceptions. Instead, the RNC argues, it enshrined a broad set of principles that don’t delve into any policy details.

Sean Spicer, communications director for the Republican National Committee, defended the platform on CNN Thursday morning as “a simple set of principles” that takes no position on exceptions.

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The platform is “a simple set of principles which is: The Republican Party’s pro-life,” Spicer said. “There is no additional language, so to talk about exceptions or whatever is not found in the platform. We also have a principle that says we are for a balanced budget amendment. We don’t get into details about whether we support cuts here or there.”

Spicer’s “lets not talk about details” attitude has spilled over into Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, as well.  Now, if you want to interview the aspiring president, you have to agree that you won’t ask about abortion or Missouri Rep. Todd Akin.

Does the GOP really think that it can go until the election avoiding the subject of women’s bodily autonomy?

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Ron Paul: They Put The Baby In A Bucket

Robin Marty

Paul is trying to appeal to anti-choice voters to revive his flagging campaign.

How do you prop up a campaign that lost traction?  Why, go after reproductive rights, of course!  Congressman Ron Paul does just that in a new abortion-focused commercial debuting in Iowa.