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Heartbeat Bill Supporters, Rejected By Ohio Right to Life, Create Their Own Nonprofit

Robin Marty

Ohio has given birth to yet another anti-choice advocacy group.

Like the snubbed little kid who says if he can’t join the club, he’ll go start his own, proponents of the Ohio bill that would ban abortions at the moment a heartbeat can be discerned have started their own anti-choice nonprofit.

Via the Hudson Hub Times:

In a further sign of the split between abortion opponents in the state, a group pushing lawmakers to ban the procedure within weeks of conception has formed a new nonprofit to serve as its official voice on policy issues and political candidates.

Ohio ProLife Action includes individuals who have been backing the so-called Heartbeat Bill, legislation that would ban abortions if a fetal heartbeat is detected.

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The announcement Oct. 12 marks an official break between Heartbeat Bill proponents and Ohio Right to Life, which is not supporting the legislation.

The latter has said the bill would not stand up to legal challenges and could hurt other legislative efforts aimed at stopping abortions.

The real question?  Is Ohio ProLife Action going to go after Ohio Right to Life’s donors?  Because then things could get really ugly.

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