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Five Couples Win IVF Treatments In a Surprise Radio Contest Twist

Robin Marty

Rather than pick one winner, the station chose them all.

After a radio station in Canada took large amounts of criticism for running a “win a baby” contest in which the winning couple would receive a free round of in vitro fertilization, the judges decided it couldn’t choose just one recipient, giving all five finalist couples the prize.


in a surprise twist, Jeff Mauler, one of the morning show personalities, announced: “The winner for win a baby…the winner is all of you.

The announcement was met with silence and then tears.

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“By the silence alone, everybody sitting in their cars, everybody sitting at work, everyone at their breakfast tables had an image of what these couples were doing. The silence was speaking a thousand words this morning,” he said.

Mauler said the twist came after a last minute decision over the weekend.

“Truly we knew that we just couldn’t go with one. They all had great stories. They are all wonderful people and we found a way to make it happen.”

The contest, which many claimed was in poor taste and made to exploit the desperation of the infertile, was dreamed up as a way to bring attention to the expense of fertility treatments, which are not covered by the Ontario government’s health care plan.

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