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Boehner Tells Values Voters Having Kids Can Be “Inconvenient”

Robin Marty

Who needs birth control access and abortion when you can just pop out 11 kids?

Speaker of the House John Boehner had an excellent time at the Value Voters Summit this weekend, where he was able to tell anti-choice voters that the Hyde Amendment would be reintroduced in Congress this week in a permanent form.

After all, according to Boehner, if giving birth repeatedly is good enough for his mom, it is obviously good enough for everyone.


Noting he has 11 brothers and sisters, Boehner said that “respect for life has never been a political issue for me. …My mother had us one at a time and I suspect it was not convenient for her. But I am glad we are all here.”

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Maybe the GOP should try “11 kids for every family!” as their slogan for 2012 and see how well that plays with the general public.

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