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“Let Jesus Pick Your Birth Control!”

Robin Marty

Katha Pollitt muses on how the GOP might try to ban birth control all together.

Is the ultra-rightwing really trying to ban birth control all together?  Author Katha Pollitt believes they would if they could, and says the “personhood” movement might be part of that first step.

Would #26 really ban the Pill? Personhood USA president Keith Mason is cagey: “Certainly women, my wife included, would want to know if the pills they’re taking would kill a unique human individual,” he told NPR. Of course, there’s nothing to prevent women, his wife included, from switching to diaphragms or prayer if they suspect their contraception makes their wombs inhospitable to four-celled Mississippians. You don’t need a law to let Jesus pick your birth control. But letting women decide? That would be so… prochoice.

Ah, the power of prayer.  What more could we need other than divine contraception?

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