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Michigan “Partial Birth Abortion Ban” Heads to Governor For Signature

Robin Marty

The bill will ban a procedure that is already banned federally and doesn't really exist.

The Michigan legislature has passed its local “partial birth abortion” ban, and now it heads to the governor’s desk for his signature.

Via Detroit Free Press:

A proposed state-level ban on a procedure abortion opponents call partial-birth abortion got final legislative approval Wednesday in the Republican-led Legislature and was sent to Gov. Rick Snyder. The House approved the bill by a 75-34 vote, and the Senate approved it 29-9.

Snyder is likely to sign the bill if it’s consistent with a federal law that already bans the procedure. Opponents of the legislation said the federal ban makes the Michigan plan redundant.

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The Michigan bills allow the procedure if a physician determines it’s necessary to save the pregnant woman’s life.

It’s always the groups complaining about government waste who want to write laws against things that are already illegal.

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