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What It’s Like To Enter A CPC Thinking You Are At A Reproductive Health Clinic

Robin Marty

A heart-wrenching, first hand account of being deceived by a crisis pregnancy center.

For the anti-choice activists who run crisis pregnancy centers, misleading women into thinking that they are at appointments to learn more about or obtain an abortion while convincing them instead to give birth is considered part of their “freedom of speech.”

But what is the experience of the woman who falls prey to this deceptions?  One victim tells her tale over at Jezebel.  An excerpt:

The bed she led me to looked very much like it was in a doctor’s office. I knew to expect the sonogram machine. That’s when she started asking the questions –- what religion my parents were, where they lived, what they did for a living, what my boyfriend and I did for a living. The other girl, the one from the front desk, began the sonogram.

“It looks like you’re about three and a half months pregnant,” the older woman announced cheerfully.

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Then she turned the monitor to me. I have so many little brothers and sisters. I was with my mother the first time she heard my younger siblings heartbeat. There was a heartbeat now, too.

By that point, I was crying hysterically.

“I think you’re going to be a really great mother,” she continued. “Wouldn’t your mother love to take care of this baby?”

Be sure to visit the site to read her entire harrowing story.

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