CNN Poll Shows Americans Still Believe In Choice

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CNN Poll Shows Americans Still Believe In Choice

Robin Marty

The latest numbers show nearly 80 percent of Americans want to keep abortion legal.

A full 78 percent of Americans want abortion to remain legal, at least under some circumstances, according to a new poll released by CNN/ORC;  25 percent want abortion completely legal, regardless of circumstances.

Via the New Civil Rights Movement:

A new CNN poll on abortion finds almost no change in America’s desire to remain pro-​choice. The poll finds 78% of Americans want abortion to be legal under any circumstances or under certain circumstances, and only 21% want abortion illegal under all circumstances. One year ago, 77% were pro-​choice, in 2009, 76%, and in 2008, 77%. Five years ago, 74% were pro-​choice, and 24% wanted abortion totally illegal.

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The groups wanting abortion to become illegal at the highest levels include conservatives (31%), those with no college education (28%), those who reside in rural areas (26%), and Tea Party supporters (35%).

These numbers remain largely unchanged all the way back to the mid-​1990s. In 1995, for example, the CNN poll found 85% of Americans were pro-​choice, and 12% wanted abortion illegal.

Despite the push by anti-choice to say otherwise, the general public still believes firmly in abortion rights.

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