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“Fatherhood” Begins in the Womb?

Robin Marty

Is it a reminder for men to be responsible, or a call to ask them to force their partners to give birth?

The Radiance Foundation is kicking off yet another billboard campaign, this one proclaiming “Fatherhood begins in the womb.”

Via The Florida Independent:

From a press release detailing the campaign: “A collaborative effort between the Issues4Life Foundation and The Radiance Foundation, this campaign details the culture of abandonment that abortion has created by revealing the statistics of FATHERLESSNESS, single-parent poverty, and the deterioration of two-parent married households.”

“When a man has sex with a woman he is consenting to being a FATHER,” said Walter Hoye II, president of Issues4Life, in the release. ”We want to emphasize the biblical requirement and vital need for men to be involved as PROVIDERS and PROTECTORS when ‘LIFE’ happens.”

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But I can’t help but wonder if what is supposed to be a call to fathers not to abandon their children isn’t really just a push to get men to force their partners to stay pregnant and not have an abortion, especially with the group’s spokesman saying that men have been “‘forced’ out of their traditional roles by ‘liberal feminism.’”

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