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I Follow Rewire and So Should You!

Brady Swenson

We need your help to reach our goal of 7,000 followers on Twitter and 4,000 on Facebook by the end of September.

UPDATE (9/21 5:25pm ET): We’ve had an overwhelming response to our Twitter campaign to reach 7,000 followers by September 30.  We’re nearly there already.  We started September 1st with 6,199 followers, let’s do the full 1,000 by the end of the month.  Thanks so much for your support of progressive news, commentary and analysis of these important issues, we very much appreciate and depend on it.


We’ve set a goal to reach 7,000 followers on Twitter and 4,000 on Facebook by the end of September.  We need to add 837 Twitter followers and 477 Facebook likes by the end of the month to reach our goal. 

We want you to show your support for progressive voices on reproductive health and justice issues by donating a tweet and/or an update on Facebook recommending that your friends follow Rewire on Twitter and Facebook. 

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If you don’t already, you can Like and Follow Rewire here:

Then, help us grow by posting to Twitter and Facebook. Here’s a sample tweet and Facebook post you could use, but, of course, your own words and tone would better speak to your friends and followers!

One example of an effective way to start your tweet would be:

I follow @rhrealitycheck and so should you!

You can also add your own reason(s) why you want to recommend Rewire to your followers, for instance:

I follow @rhrealitycheck and so should you! A pro-woman, pro-education, pro-science and pro-choice daily publication, check em out!

Similary, you could post a recommendation on Facebook like this:

I Like Rewire on Facebook and so should you! <Add your reason(s) why you follow Rewire on Facebook>. Just goto and click the Like button. 

We’d truly appreciate your help and we’ll make good on your recommendation by continuing to dedicate ourselves to amplifying progressive voices and fighting far-right misinformation surrounding the many important reproductive health and justice issues we face today.

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