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One Quarter of A Million Condoms

Robin Marty

A New Zealand anti-choice court case has become ridiculously spendy.

It seems that American anti-choice groups aren’t the only ones who like to tie everyone up in ridiculously expensive legal battles.  A New Zealand anti-choice court case that has been going on for over 6 years has now become so spendy, the court costs could have purchased over a quarter of a million condoms, one reproductive group claims.

The court case, filed by “Right to Life” against the Abortion Supervisory Committee in an attempt to interpret parts of the country’s Contraception Sterilisation and Abortion Act, and seek “legal status for an unborn child,” has been drawn out for years.

So could the money have been better spent?  ALRANZ President Dr. Morgan Healey says of course.

“By our calculations, what the ASC alone has spent could buy Kiwis more than a quarter of a million condoms, over 1,000 vasectomies, and more than 9,500 doses of Emergency Contraception – any of which would prevent more unplanned pregnancies and abortions than Right to Life has done in its legal assault against New Zealanders’ access to abortion care,” Dr. Healey said.

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Just like in America, they can never spend too much money defending “life,” but have no interests when it comes to preventing pregnancy in the first place.

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