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Federal Abortion Ban? Three Out Of Five DeMint-Approved Candidates Agree!

Robin Marty

At the South Carolina forum Monday, all presidential candidates were asked to weigh in on a federal ban on abortion.

On Labor Day, leading Republican presidential candidates were invited to South Carolina to explain to Sen. Jim DeMint and his Tea Party followers why they should get their support.

One of the questions asked by the three man panel: would you support a federal abortion ban?  And three out of five contenders said “of course.”

Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann all presented their support for such a measure, with only Ron Paul and Mitt Romney saying abortion should be a state by state decision. 

Of course, no one advocated that it be the woman’s decision, but then again, this is the Republican Party.

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To see more detailed answers, click here.  Governor Rick Perry, who was unable to attend the debate, has said recently that he would also support a federal ban, although before that he said it was a matter of states rights.  So, to find out his real stance, you would need to wait and see if he is running in the primary or the general.

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