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Anti-Choice Protesters: Welcome Back, Middle Schoolers! Look at the Bloody Fetuses!

Robin Marty

Nothing like sitting in front of a middle school with 8 feet tall "fetus" posters to win supporters.

The use of graphic photos in abortion protests seem to be spreading this year, and now are interested in targeting even younger ages.  A group of protesters in Rockville, Maryland thought that 8 feet tall graphic bloody “fetus” images were an appropriate way to welcome middle schoolers to a new school year.

Via Rockville Patch:

Anti-abortion demonstrators stood at both sides of the entrance to the driveway on Scott Drive, displaying banner-sized photos of aborted fetuses.

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County police officers asked the demonstrators to move off school property, said Officer Janelle Smith, a Montgomery County Police Department spokeswoman. They complied, standing on the sidewalk on either side of the driveway. After additional discussion with officers, the demonstrators chose to leave.

I wish I could understand how middle school is too young to show age appropriate diagrams of human antatomy in a comprehensive sex education program, but is just the right age for giant closeups of dismembered fetal remains from alleged later term abortions.

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