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Bachmann Again Brings Up Miscarriage As Part of Her Anti-Choice Conversion at Campaign Stop

Robin Marty

Is her miscarriage talking point beginning to turn into a regular part of her stump speech?

Earlier this year, presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann brought up the story of her past miscarriage as an example of why she turned to anti-choice, “pro-family” political issues in her life and her campaigns.  Now she is discussing it again, this time at a “testimonial and sermon” for the Family Policy Council in Florida.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Speaking before the annual awards dinner of the Florida Family Policy Council in Orlando, Bachmann, a three-term congresswoman from Minnesota, repeatedly declared her devotion to Christianity and told stories of how it changed her life.
She told and interpreted Biblical stories, and offered Christian lessons she said she followed.

…Bachmann told deeply personal stories about her parents’ divorce, how she became a born-again Christian at age 16, how she and her husband Marcus Bachmann became followers of theologian Francis Schaeffer, how they began counseling young pregnant women against abortions, and how her own miscarriage led her to become a foster parent.

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Her sermon’s theme: she urged people to do as she said she was doing: pouring herself into a religious life, even to the point that some might think she was wasting herself.

“That’s our challenge, as believers in Jesus Christ… and for whatever your profession, maybe it’s as someone who is running to be president of the United States, to say, almighty God, yes, my Lord, I will pour myself out for you,” she said.

According to Bachmann’s account, she suffered a miscarriage during her third pregnancy, which she called an “unexpected baby.” She went on to give birth to three other children.

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