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Pawlenty Rides The Anti-Choice Bus Through Iowa

Robin Marty

The former Minnesota governor will do just about anything to woo the social conservatives in Iowa.

If you’re looking for former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, you might need to check the bus — the Susan B. Anthony List Values Bus.

Via KCRG in Iowa:

Anti-abortion activists were joined by Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty as they launched a bus tour promoting their conservative agenda.

Speaking Tuesday morning outside the Iowa Capitol, Pawlenty touted his record in support of abortion restrictions while governor of Minnesota. He told a small knot of people watching the launch of the tour that anti-abortion forces will eventually win the debate by being persistent.

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Pawlenty was said to be touting his record as an anti-choice governor.  One can also assume he brought up the huge amounts of money his legislation funneled to anti-choice groups in the state via his “Positive Alternatives” program, a governmental cash cow for religiously-based crisis pregnancy centers.

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