Montana Pushes Personhood

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Montana Pushes Personhood

Robin Marty

The state is trying to get an amendment added to the 2012 election ballot.

Add Montana to the ever growing list of states trying to push to give fertilized eggs the same rights as people.  The state’s anti-choice advocates are making their move to put a personhood amendment on the 2012 ballot.

But not every anti-abortion group is behind the effort. Via Jessica Pieklo at Care2:

The move has split anti-abortion groups. Montana Right to Life, the Montana Catholic Conference and the Family Foundation opposed the amendment during previous election cycles. They argue such a measure, should it pass, would easily be overturned in court and has the possibility of strengthening Roe v. Wade

Of course, that’s what anti-choice groups said about the Ohio Heartbeat Bill, and that one is still working its way through state legislature.

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