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Robin Marty

Nothing like a little "pro-life" slant in your media coverage.

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed four new anti-abortion bills into law today.

No, wait, sorry, not good enough.  Let me try that again.

Expectant grandfather Rick Scott ceremonially signs anti-abortion measures.

Ah, yes, much better.

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Expectant grandfather Gov. Rick Scott, Florida’s self-proclaimed jobs governor, shored up his conservative base Saturday with a ceremonial bill signing of four anti-abortion measures that are already law and went into effect nearly a month ago.

Scott, whose daughter Allison Guimard is five months pregnant with what will be his first grandchild, highlighted a controversial law requiring women to have ultrasounds and opt out of hearing the procedure’s details before getting an abortion. Scott’s predecessor Charlie Crist vetoed a similar bill last year.

“These bills are historic,” Scott told a crowd that included leaders from the Florida Baptist Convention, the Florida Catholic Conference and the Florida Family Policy Council. “It’s the right thing to be doing.”

Still, I guess it’s less heavy handed than, say, his “huddling with anti-abortion organizations.

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