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New Link on State Website for Pregnancy Center May Be Violating Separation of Church and State

Robin Marty

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's love of anti-choice policies maybe be constituting a state endorsement of religion.

Is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s love of anti-choice policies violating the separation of church and state?  So claims the Freedom From Religion Foundation, who wants the administration to remove a link to Carenet, which “claims to be a place where ‘those struggling with past abortions are finding God’s healing and forgiveness.'”

Via Isthmus Daily Page:

Annie Laurie Gaylor, executive director of the Madison-based Freedom from Religion Foundation, accuses Walker of mistaking his role as “pastor-in-chief.”

“He took an oath to uphold a secular Constitution,” Gaylor says. “It’s inappropriate to steer people to groups that provide misinformation about abortion and birth control.”

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Gaylor sent Walker a terse letter demanding that the link be removed, adding that “religious propaganda has no place on a government website under health and safety.”

Walker ran for governor with the vocal support of Pro-Life Wisconsin, who advocates against not only abortion, but birth control as well.

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