Americans United For Life Asks Planned Parenthood When It Stopped Beating Its Wife

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Americans United For Life Asks Planned Parenthood When It Stopped Beating Its Wife

Robin Marty

The anti-choice group publishes a 181 page diatribe of allegations of wrongdoing against Planned Parenthood, demading a congressional investigation.

Anti-choice factions are upping the ante on their attacks on Planned Parenthood, with anti-abortion group Americans United for Life publishing a 181 page report on alleged misconducts by the women’s health care provider.  Upon being told that the report is primarily fiction and unsubstantiated allegations, AUL simply responds that it’s not their job to support the claims, it’s Planned Parenthood’s job to prove they aren’t correct.

Via New American:

Nonetheless, insisted the AUL report, “The burden of proof rests with Planned Parenthood” to demonstrate that it “consistently complies with federal and state laws and that substantial evidence to the contrary — persuasive evidence that appears to show a systemic and organization-wide pattern of violating federal and state laws, disregard for women’s health and safety, and endangerment of the welfare of minors — is inaccurate.”

It is not enough for Planned Parenthood to claim that reports and incidents of abuse within its corporation “are ‘flukes’ and involve only a few ‘rogue’ clinics or employees,” the report challenged. “American taxpayers have a right to know the extent of the potential malfeasance and corruption at Planned Parenthood.”

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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Drop a mass of accusations of wrong doing, and then ask others to prove they didn’t happen? What else can one expect from the same group that has created the anti-abortion law templates such as “fetal pain bans,” “personhood laws” and even the “shoot a provider” laws that have been replicating all over the country this legislative session?