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Even Comedy Must Be Protested When It Comes To Planned Parenthood

Robin Marty

A Michigan comedy show becomes a protest scene because the proceeds went to Planned Parenthood.

Comedian Lizz Winstead has made it her summer mission to tour the country, doing comedy shows with the benefits going to Planned Parenthood.

But anti-choice activists are so intent on attacking the health care organization that even comedy is a reason to protest.

Via The Detroit Free Press:

Starting about 4 p.m., anti-abortion groups, led by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and the Frederick Douglass Foundation, set up shop on Saginaw and Pike streets with signs and graphic images depicting abortion. About an hour later, Planned Parenthood supporters arrived with pink balloons and signs about saving women’s health care.

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About 6 p.m., a group of anti-abortion teens did a flash mob, led by Bekha Smith, 17, of Sterling Heights. They danced and cheered. “Abortion is wrong. They are killing human life,” she said.

J.B. Lacey, 24, of Detroit said she came out to preserve women’s health care. “Other people need to be aware of the threat to Planned Parenthood,” she said.

After the show, someone hit a poster held by a abortion-rights opponent that had a picture of a dead fetus on it. That led to a verbal argument in which police intervened.

Seriously, protesting a comedy show?  Is there really no place that the anti-choice won’t inject themselves?

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