One Racist Billboard Comes Down, Another Goes Up

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One Racist Billboard Comes Down, Another Goes Up

Robin Marty

Los Angeles manages to get one racist anti-abortion billboard pulled as a new one goes up in Oakland.

The new anti-abortion billboard in Los Angeles that mimics the old “the most dangerous place for an African American baby is its mother’s womb,” talking point, but trades African American for Hispanic, has been removed, according to Life News.

“Pro-abortion pressure groups have forced the removal of pro-life billboards in Los Angeles which for the past week have revealed the truth about abortion in the Latino community,” he explained in a press statement. “Like a similar ad campaign that ran in New York City, pro-abortion activists are desperately trying to cover up Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minorities, and will squelch free speech to do so.”

Gabriela Valle, senior director of California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, is one of the pro-abortion zealots taking on the billboards and told Orange County Weekly that she believes they are racist.

“We’re taking a strong stance against theses ads. They’re completely racist. An attack to one community is an attack to all,” she claimed. “The fact that they’re hiding behind a Latino-led organization doesn’t make the message any less racist…. They’re anti-woman. They’re anti-immigrant. This ad is just one more place for Latino communities to be attacked.”

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But victory is sadly short lived.  Just as these billboards come down, more are going up in Oakland, returning to the African American anti-abortion theme pushed by “”  And residents are just as anxious to see these boards come down, too.

Some West Oakland residents interpret the message differently.

“I think that’s an attack on black communities and reproductive rights, especially for women of color,” said Jenece Jackson. ” So I think that billboard needs to come down.’