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Indiana Donors Step In To Cover Funding Ban

Robin Marty

Donors poured money into the state to cover the funds lost in a new law defunding Planned Parenthood, but that's still only enough to help women for one week.

Women in Indiana who rely on Planned Parenthood for their health care and family planning needs have a small reprieve before they are cut off from all access.

A very small reprieve. One week.

Via the Indy Star:

A judge is expected to decide by July 1 whether to allow the law to continue being enforced while the court is hearing the case, or whether to place it on hold — and allow Medicaid funds to continue flowing to Planned Parenthood — until the final verdict.

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Planned Parenthood officials said they are not sure whether they can afford to serve Medicaid patients in the interim but that private donations will cover those patients’ costs at least through May 21. It has stopped accepting new Medicaid patients.

“The extension is possible due to the extraordinary outpouring of support from donors across the country,” the health-care provider said Friday. “However, this is a temporary fix and cannot be continued indefinitely.”

Of course, anti-choice activists are lauding the one week of coverage as a sign that they should simply find donors to pay for birth control and screenings all of the time.

Planned Parenthood sued the state shortly after the ruling banning funding. District courts will next review the case June 6th.

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