Don’t Throw Out Your Sexy Lingerie Or Jump Up and Down: Get A Real Plan

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Don’t Throw Out Your Sexy Lingerie Or Jump Up and Down: Get A Real Plan

Amie Newman

A new campaign from Plan B, the makers of emergency contraception, launch a new campaign urging women to plan for unprotected sex by keeping EC on hand rather than ending up freaking out after the fact, unsure what to do or how to do it.

I think I really like these videos.

The two are featured on Plan B’s Youtube page as part of their “GetARealPlan” campaign. The one drawback (in my opinion) is that they both feature a white woman, so they may not be culturally relevant for a broader audience. The videos, though, do a good job of mocking the (false) dichotomy that anti-choice forces love to push: if you’re a woman, you can be sexual or you can be completely irresponsible and never the twain shall meet. And if you do dare to explore your sexual self and become pregnant without intending to be, your only choice is to immediately discard your sexuality. After all – it was this wanton display of actually pleasurable sex which got you into this “mess” in the first place, right?

The videos also do a good job of displaying the paralyzing fear so many women feel, initially, when they realize that the unplanned, unwanted or unprepared-for sex they recently had may have also been “uncovered.” Rather than “wait, hope or panic” notes the campaign, after the fact, women are encouraged to “Get A Real Plan:”

What happens when there’s a little problem with last night’s birth control? You could make a vow to the fertility gods that you’ll never ever ever have sex again as long as this one time you end up not being pregnant. Or you could get a real plan.

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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In any case, watch for yourselves and see what you think. Then take the quiz at the bottom of the Youtube page to see if you know the real deal on sex and conception: