Does a Walker Reign Mean the End of Reproductive Health Advances in Wisconsin?

Robin Marty

Republican Scott Walker will be the new governor of Wisconsin.  Now will he follow through on the "Pro-Life Wisconsin" agenda?

Republican Scott Walker was one of two candidates for governor endorsed by Pro-Life Wisconsin, an anti-abortion, anti-sex ed, anti-birth control action group, receiving one of their first governor’s endorsement ever.  Now that Walker has won the governorship, is he likely to begin pushing their radical anti-choice agenda?

Approval for contraception for low-income women and teens was approved in Wisconsin on November 1st, prior to election day.  Although it may be kept in effect despite the governor’s mansion trading parties, the religious conservatives, including Pro-Life Wisconsin, have already stated that it is their number one focus to change the minimum age limit on accessing birth control through that plan from 15 years of age to 18 years old, striking a blow against pregnancy prevention for teens.

Will that be the only change to that program that Walker’s anti-choice backers will push for?  Pro-Life Wisconsin has already made it adamantly clear that they are against nearly all forms of birthcontrol, so will eliminating the program alltogether be their next goal?  Or pushing to roll back the age-appropriate, fact-based, comprehensive sex ed that was one of the crowning points of the Healthy Youth Act?

Wisconsin has made great strides in counteracting teen pregnancy in the last year.  Now we have to wait and see if it was all for nothing.

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