Election Night 2010 Live with Rewire

Brady Swenson

Jodi Jacobson, Amanda Marcotte, Pamela Merritt, Jill Miller Zimon and members of the Rewire community gathered online to discuss national politics and election results, catch a recap here.

Join Jodi Jacobson, Amanda Marcotte, Pamela Merritt and other members of the Rewire team, as well as Jill Miller Zimon and Aimee Thorne-Thomsen to discuss national politics and election results as they roll in tomorrow night starting at 8pm ET. The live discussion will happen right here using the Cover It Live widget below. Add your email address now to receive a reminder tomorrow.

You will find all Election 2010 related content on Rewire here and check out Amie Newman’s feature “Mainstreaming Extremism” detailing candidates holding extreme positions on reproductive rights and other social issues up for election this cycle.

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