(VIDEO) Angle: Some Voting Machines Have Been Pre-Marked for Harry Reid

Robin Marty

Nevada Republican senate candidate Sharron Angle claims the voting machines are on Harry Reid's side.

There’s been a lot of talk of voter shenanigans already for this election, mostly involving voter suppression at polling places.  But Nevada Republican senate candidate Sharron Angle in now claiming even the voting machines are on Majority Leader Harry Reid’s side.

Angle, interviewing on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show, states that among the other challenges that she’s been facing in the campaign, she’s learned that there are voting machines pre-programmed to mark off Sen. Reid’s name on the ballot.

Sharron Angle, it maybe as of tomorrow night Senator-elect Angle, you are glad this moment has finally arrived?

SENATE CANDIDATE SHARRON ANGLE, R-NEV.: Well, of course, Sean, it is always an anxious moment the day of the election, but I want to welcome you first to my home and say thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to talk once more to Nevada voters about getting out that vote and the clear choice they have between me and Senator Reid.

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HANNITY: Let’s first go to these charges of voter fraud that continue to pour in here. What is going on out there? What about free food offered for votes?

ANGLE: Well, we found several irregularities in the voting process and early voting as you know started on the 16th of October so we’ve been almost two weeks into voting.

What we found are certain things that have just been very disconcerting. Some of the voting machines have been pre-marked for Harry Reid. So you had to unmark that slot to be able to vote for me.

Some of the ballots were marked in one way ended up on the written ballot in a different way. Then of course, as you’re reporting those things where — they busload folks into the polls and give them food and gift cards to K-Mart, those kinds of things.

Maybe the machines aren’t fans of her “making lemonade out of lemons” comment, either.

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