Walker Now Claims Barrett Is Too Extreme for Wisconsin

Robin Marty

The Wisconsin governor's race goes "I know you are but what am I?" as Republican Scott Walker runs ads saying Tom Barrett is too pro-choice for the state.

Scott Walker, Republican candidate for governor of Wisconsin, has been hammered with commercials unveiling his anti-choice credentials, from his stem cell position to his refusal to believe that rape and incest victims should be allowed to have abortions.

Now Walker is trying to turn the tables on his Democratic rival Tom Barrett, running a commercial that portrays Barrett as too extreme when it comes to allowing reproductive access, alleging that Barrett advocated for abortions through the ninth month of pregnancy.

Via NBC News:

Republican Scott Walker is countering Democrat Tom Barrett’s attack ad on abortion with a new spot calling Barrett extreme for supporting abortion rights.

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Walker’s wife Tonette appears in the new spot defending her husband’s compassion for crime victims. Barrett’s campaign has argued that Walker isn’t compassionate about victims because he hasn’t done enough to stop assaults of patients at the Milwaukee County mental health complex.

Walker’s wife is being used to respond to the criticism Walker has been getting over his housing of violent male patients in with female patients, which lead to a rapid increase of sexual assault in the mental health complex he ran as a county executive.

The new ad attacking Barrett is not available either on Walker’s campaign site or campaign Youtube page, making it difficult to evaluate its facts.  However, in response to the ad, when interviewed in the NBC report, Barrett stated, “I think people need to know where we stand on all of these issues.  My view is that abortion should be rare, legal and safe.”

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