GOP Rep. Calvin Hill Anti-Sex Theory Classes, Pro Naughty Sex Toys

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GOP Rep. Calvin Hill Anti-Sex Theory Classes, Pro Naughty Sex Toys

Robin Marty

Georgia's Calvin Hill is on a crusade against sex...unless he's making money on it.

We’ve been told repeatedly that the Republican Party is the party of morals, family, and decency.  Georgia Rep. Calvin Hill attempts to embody all three of those during his crusade to save college campuses from sex indoctrination pushed by professors teaching classes like “Sexuality and Society” or “Queer Theory.”

But his political face is one thing.  As a business man, he’s actually making a profit off of sex items and gay pride paraphernalia.

Via Think Progress:

the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Jim Galloway reports that, while Hill may think that sex is too hot of a topic for the young adult students at public colleges in the state to handle, he’s perfectly fine making a buck off it. Galloway writes that Hill’s Democratic opponent, Stephanie Webb, has discovered that the company Hill serves as CFO of, Gila Distributing, sells numerous sex gadgets and gay pride paraphernalia through the company. These products include “stress relievers” in the shape of male sex organs and Gay Pride flag lapel pins:

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Stephanie Webb is Hill’s Democratic opponent. One night, her husband/campaign manager was perusing the Gila Distributing web site and discovered more than antlers for sale:

– Foam “stress relievers” in the shape of a woman’s breast, or the male sex organ;

– “The Little Black Book of Sex Secrets,” allegedly by the author Dee Flower;

– A “safe sex” kit that includes a condom, anti-bacterial wipes, and two Lifesavers breath mints;

– And Gay Pride flag lapel pins.

Webb, a 50-year-old homemaker, has set up an Internet site displaying the products. “It wasn’t to be mean, but to show the hypocrisy,” she said.

Hill’s response?  There’s no relationship between his business and political lives.  Besides, he sells so many products he can’t be responsible for knowing what all of them are.

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