Missouri Women’s Health Advocates Reach Out to Clinic Protesters

Robin Marty

A reminder to protesters, you can pray all you want, or you can also take real steps to help prevent abortions.

The 40 Days for Life protests usually means an endless, antagonistic relationship between those who value women’s health and those who seek to prevent a woman from having any access to abortion.  But a letter to the editor from Paula Gianino,President and CEO, Planned Parenthood ADVOCATES, St. Louis and Southwest Missouri, is a reminder that those who are “praying for the women and babies” should remember they can take concrete action to prevent abortions, too.

From STLToday.com:

to those outside of our facility, we urge you to do more than protest, we ask you to work with us to pass sensible and effective “Prevention First” policies and programs that promote family planning, well woman care and responsible and age appropriate sexual health education.  These programs work; they improve the health and well being of individuals and our community.

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