One Company Knows You Just Wanna Have Fun!

Jodi Jacobson

Just as the city of Manassas, Virginia gets it knickers in a twist over a store selling lingerie and other intimate items, an online company introduces a line of products to make life more fun!

The vast majority of people throughout the world have sex at some point in their lives.  Sex is an essential part of being human. It’s a biological drive and an essential human need. And while sex is obviously linked to procreation, that is far from the only reason that mutually-consenting individuals engage in sexual relationships.  Sex is fun!  Consenual sex can build intimacy or just make you feel happy and satisfied. It can reduce stress and is linked to better health.

And since human beings like to innovate they created sex toys and other intimate products such as lubricants, gels, and lingerie to….make sex more fun!

Some people don’t like to think about mutually consenting people having so much fun, and they try to make everything about sex associated with somehow being “dirty.”  Such apparently is the feeling of a group in Manassas, Virginia, that as Robin Marty reports today, is spending $70,000 to prevent the opening of a store that sells lingerie and sex toys.

Now you might think…why are Virginians in one of the most conservative towns in the state against free enterprise?  And in this economy?  Forbes magazines cites a report estimating that the global market in sex toys is worth about $15 billion, much of it dominated by China (no surprise there, eh?).  You’d think those free-market, private enterprise types that elected Bob McDonnell would want a piece of that. 

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But some businesses know a good market when they see one.  Take, an online company that sells “Products that make life easier,” and has just recently introduced a line of intimacy products.  It’s the online equivalent of ye olde General Store. You might know for its early Christmas specials, its line of convenient and easy-to-clean food storage containers, its pet products, home furnishings and decor line, or travel and automotive section.

Well, now, along with your energy-efficient lightbulbs and your cutlery organizers you can order Good Clean Love water-based organic lubricants, a “better sex” video, and a Pocket Compact Super Compact vibrator.

Some businesses seem to know how to cater to their clients.

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