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Brady Swenson

We've added a new comment rating tool in an effort at community moderation of the comment sections. 

As was promised in my recent post on commenting we have just added a comment rating tool along with a few other upgrades to the comment sections.   Readers who are logged in will see the new rating tool at the top right of each comment.  You can rate comments from one to five (except for your own) and comments at least two votes and an average rating of two or less will be initially grayed-out and hidden from view.  You will, however, be able to read these comments by clicking to reveal them. 

The average rating of each comment is shown to the right of the title, in the header of each comment, and above the rating tool.  The goal of this new tool is to highlight comments the community of Rewire readers find to be substantive and thoughtful and minimize comments deemed by the community to be less worthwhile.  We’ve also made a few other small tweaks including fixing the paragraph spacing on comments (so you don’t need to add an extra line break between your paragraphs anymore) and indenting replies beyond the first to make it easier to follow a conversation.

We want to know what you think. Try out the new tool and let us know your opinion here in the comments section of this post along with any suggestions you might have.

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