2 Condoms


2 condoms is not a good idea and I'm sick of movies saying it is..

I am getting really tired of movies and songs saying to use 2 condoms. Just today I experienced 2. THe movie Baby on Board with Heather Graham and the song I Love College by Asher Rother. An episode of Scrubs had it as well. 2 condoms does not make sex safer. It actually makes it less safe. The friction of the 2 condoms increases the chance that the condom will break.

Once a group of co workers were talking about using a 2nd condom to make sure their girlfriend didn’t get pregnant and I was standing right there. Next thing I know the room is awkward because I say “Yeah that is good way to get your girlfriend pregnant”.

I know there are plenty more movies and shows that have mentioned the 2 condoms thing but right now I can’t think of them all. Any comments are appreciated :D

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