Roundup: The Anti-Choice Movement Keeps Getting More Extreme

Robin Marty

Encouraged by far right primary wins and a victory in removing abortion care from federal healthcare, anti-choice extremists are going even further to show their true colors and true agenda: taking away every woman's choice in all circumstances.

Encouraged by far right primary wins and a victory in removing abortion care from federal health care, anti-choice extremists are going even further to show their true colors and true agenda: taking away every woman’s choice in all circumstances.

According to American Life League, parental notification laws are not a win for the anti-abortion crowd, because it doesn’t do enough to stop abortion, just create a roadblock instead.

There’s always an “if,” but in the case of laws like this one there is more at stake than a simple end-run around mom and dad—which is precisely what a judicial bypass is all about. After all, if a doctor will intend the death of a human being by using instruments to abort him, is it feasible to imagine that this practitioner would have no qualms about lying to a judge regarding the reasons why the teenager should not have to tell her parents she is about to have their grandchild killed? I think it is.

But even if this clause were not in the law, the law would be problematic. Laws like this one send a message that, if grandma and grandpa approve the abortion, then the abortionist can go ahead and kill the baby. In other words, parental notice laws are nothing more than regulatory, band-aid approaches to a serious toxic condition that has poisoned the nation’s psyche over the past 35 years—predisposing most Americans to view abortion as a “personal” decision.

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The perspective that puts the focus on the woman, defining the question in terms of a “woman’s right to choose” or “reproductive choice,” avoids discussing who will die during the abortion. Add to that the obvious fact that passing a law to require notice that someone is about to be murdered is the equivalent of sending a “tweet” to alert your friends that, in 24 hours, you plan to kill your boyfriend!

There is absolutely no way around the fact that the “tweeting” female would be arrested at once if her news got the attention it should. Yet, the abortionist planning the execution of the preborn baby will not be given a second thought by law enforcement officials for, as we all know, the law is on his side.

In the case of the teenage expectant mother and her child, there are laws that protect the killing of her preborn baby. With the passage of a regulatory law such as the Alaska parental notice initiative, there are simply other hurdles the abortionist has to overcome. Parental notice will not stop him from killing; it just slows him down.

At least they are being honest and admitting that the laws they fight for: parental consent and notification, ultrasounds, and waiting periods, really have only one goal — to end all abortion.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to see that they’ll throw rules out the window if they think they are going to save a ‘pre-born,’ as news out of New Mexico shows.  Via

A man, his wife and their 16 year old daughter pulled into the clinic for the teen’s appointment Saturday.

Protesters claim the girl was interested in hearing about alternatives to abortion.

Bud Shaver with Operation Rescue was there and told News 13 what he saw, “(The girl) took the information that she was offering but the gentlemen lashed out.”

The female protester said the girl’s father yelled he didn’t believe in god and flipped her off.

The family went inside, but the man came back out.

The protester claims that’s when the father told her not to speak to his daughter again or he would quote “Put a bullet in her heart”.

“He kind of lifted up his shirt and showed something that was attached to his belt,” Shaver said.

The woman called the cops.

“They had all their guns drawn and they were kind of single file approaching the clinic and they had all of us, out on the street, kind of move behind the wall, they said we were in the kill zone,” Shaver said.

The father told police he was stressed over his daughter’s abortion and got upset when the protesters started yelling his family would burn in hell.

He said he did tell the woman not to talk to his daughter, but he denied making a threat.

Once again, they say they just want the parents to “help make the decision” with their daughter, but once they see a glimmer of possibility that the girl might not have an abortion (even if she likely just grabbed the papers to get away from the protesters and into the clinic) suddenly the girl’s opinion matters more than the parents.

But in the end, legal doesn’t matter to anti-abortion advocates, as can be discerned from an article from the Eau Claire Journal, advocating that states just ignore Roe V. Wade altogether.

The Governor of a state could do the same thing. He could just start prosecution. The law enforcement officials of his state are under his direction. He needs only to call upon them to begin.

Q. “What can a state governor do to restrict a practice that the Supreme Court has asserted is legal?”
A. “Abortion is murder. No court can legalize murder. He could ignore the Supreme Court and prosecute abortion as murder –which it is. Courts do not make law.” John Lofton, The American View

The Attorney General could also begin prosecution.
“A Constitutionally-minded state’s Attorney General could open-up his copy of the state’s Laws , pull out the statutes still on the books declaring abortion illegal and prosecute, interposing himself between the Federal government and the unborn person he is trying to protect.”
Herb Titus, “Ending ‘Legal’ Abortion.” from
The State Legislature could pass a resolution or bill, like Georgia’s HB1, stating that
1. The State “has the duty to protect all innocent life from the moment of conception until natural death” (Georgia HB1 a),
2. “A fetus is a person for all purposes under the Laws of this state from the moment of conception” (Georgia HB1 a.1.) and
3. “As the United States Constitution confers to no federal branch either the authority over the definition or prosecution of murder, or the power to nullify the Laws of a state that do the same, Roe v. Wade is ‘no law’, is a nullity, and carries no legal effect (HB1 a.24)” in the state.

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