Teaching Evolution Causes Teen Pregnancy???

Robin Marty

What are the real dangers of teaching evolution in school?  According to Colorado Right to Life spokesperson Bob Enyart, it will make teens get pregnant.

You know you might be a little bit nuts when even Fox News decides they would rather end an interview than continue talking to you.  So learned Colorado Right to Life Spokesperson Bob Enyart on Sunday, when he was cut off once he began a diatribe that blamed teen pregnancy on the teaching of evolution in the classroom. 

Via Media Matters, Enyart proclaimed:

“That — the major reason for that is that our school curriculum today all over the country is officially godless. Kids are told that they’re animals, that they’ve evolved from animals and then we shouldn’t be shocked when they behave like animals.”

Watch his whole — very short — interview below.

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This isn’t the only time Enyart has made waves.  According to Media Matters, one of his many claims to fame is the time he called the murder of Dr. George Tiller an “occupational hazard,” back in 2009.

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