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Life saving abortions

If you are pro life this is the most important message you will ever read. In the 16 years from 1957, near the end of the baby boom, until 1973, in a period of time governed by pro life laws, the number of births in the U.S. dropped by a rate of up to 1.16 million per year. Then in the 16 years after Roe v Wade from 1973 until 1989 the number of births increased by a rate of up to 904,000 thousand per year.
I have graphed this for you at this link.
If you look at the yellow portion of the graph you will see the pro life record and if you look at the green portion of the graph you will see the pro choice record. What you will notice immediately is that the pro life side is declining in number of births and the pro choice side is increasing in births.
So what Is the big deal?
Well the big deal is that the pro life movement claims that abortion is bad and causes the death of children. But deaths by abortion as shown on the chart actually result in an increase of the number of children born. In fact the difference is DRASTIC. (It means that if anyone caused the demise of millions of babies, it is the pro life movement.)
In fact the number of abortions that is required to save a certain number of lives is only a fraction of the number of babies that are lost by the pro life movement. If we look at the data in the first link we find that in 1973 the number of births lost was 1.16 million and the trend was down by over 100 thousand births lost due to pro life leadership. But then when Roe v Wade became law the number of births went up by more than 20 thousand lives. The trend was negative before Roe and positive by more than 20 thousand lives in the first year after Roe v Wade. What we find is that pro life actions lead to the loss of babies and pro choice actions lead to an increase in babies.

Now before Roe v Wade the number of births in the U.S. was at a new low. So what has happened from Roe forward? There has been a steady increase in the number of births. And that increase has been positive over the 1973 number every year. This occurred while there were abortions occurring every day from 1973 forward (in fact for several years before 1973).
What this teaches is that abortion has a positive effect on births.

So what does this mean for the Pro Life movement?
Let’s look at 1973 right at the time of Roe v Wade. At that time the number of births was at an all time low due to the effects of the Pro Life agenda. There were almost 1.2 million fewer births than 16 year prior. And at the same time 615,000 abortions were recorded. And about the same time there was an increase in births of 23 thousand. So what Roe v Wade accomplished is that it stopped the decline in 1.2 million lost births by the pro life movement, increased the number of births by 23 thousand and set a new path that has lead to an increase in life of up to 900 thousand children per year. Let’s look at the link between the number of abortions related to the number of births. The greatest number of abortions occurred in 1990 with 1,429,729 abortions. But what happened is that a corresponding increase in births occurred not for one year but for two years with birth numbers of 4,158,000 and 4,111,000. This proves that while pro life methods cause a decrease of births in the millions, Pro Choice methods cause an increase of birth in the millions.

So what should a pro lifer get out of this. First it is obvious from observation of the graph that during pro life rule, births dropped and during pro choice rule births increased. And it is clear from observing the data that an increase in abortion causes an increase in births that last longer than the increase in abortions.
This all leads to other interesting information. From the time of Roe v Wade until today 37 years have transpired. During those years if we assume that each year the pro life movement would have continued to lose another 100 thousand lives on top of the 1.12 million it had already lost we would by now be losing almost 5 million babies each year to poor leadership by the pro life movement. Which is more than the number of births we have per year. This leads to the conclusion our whole system would have collapsed before today. The pro life movement was on a path to destroy America and the Pro Choice movement is on a path to save America.

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What should you do now?
You should immediately resign from the pro life movement. You should tell your friends to resign. You should stay away from pro life people and you should forward this paper to everyone you know. Then you should thank God you read this paper.

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