Kansas Aide Who Targeted Dr. Tiller Admonished

Robin Marty

Phill Kline deputy Eric Rucker admonished by discipline panel, but is ruled not to have known he supplied false information against the late Dr. George Tiller.

Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline is still waiting to be heard on ethics charges regarding his targeting of Dr. George Tiller.  But in what could be a glance as to how the case will turn out, his former deputy has been admonished by a discipline panel for his role in the incident.

Via KansasCity.com:

A disciplinary panel today ordered a former deputy to Phill Kline to be admonished for not correcting misleading information submitted to the Kansas Supreme Court during Kline’s abortion investigation.

But the panel dropped the most serious allegations against attorney Eric Rucker, who served as chief deputy when Kline was Attorney General and later Johnson County District Attorney.

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The state’s disciplinary administrator had alleged that Rucker and Kline violated their professional ethics by intentionally misleading the Supreme Court.

Rucker acknowledged making some mistakes during the abortion clinic investigation, but denied intentionally misleading the court. The panel concluded that there was no evidence Rucker knew that information submitted to the court by Kline was erroneous.

Although Rucker claims he had no idea that he was submitting false information, we will need to wait until November to learn if the panel believes the same of Kline.

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